Sample quality has always been the standard we pursue. By mining the real users of the organic environment and collecting the basic attributes, we get their most original and real survey response. Moreover, we have more than a million people in our system, so we can create very narrow positioning standards

We can take the route mechanism from passive to active, and match the respondents according to the survey conditions. This is a great technology to solve the collective fraud of sharing answers to some extent

Anonymous IP check

Check the IP address of all interviewees, and all anonymous IP addresses will be automatically and safely terminated to confirm that all interviewees are real residential addresses

We collect unique user ID to verify each respondent and trace the IP of each respondent. Any proxy IP (VPN, VPS) will be detected and terminated safely

fingerprint identification

Powerful digital fingerprint verification, we can monitor time repeatability, multi account fraud, and try to submit survey results multiple times. This advanced level of fraud detection and large-scale network respondents, we only accept real answers from real respondents and deliver quality data to you

fingerprint identification

Fast and efficient

Many sample providers, we can provide samples very quickly.

Real users

Only 4% of users have been part of the traditional market research group. This means that you can share real ideas and opinions with non professional investigators

quality assurance

Strong anti cheating mechanism to ensure the highest quality of each questionnaire

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